07. Albergue Casa Ibarrola (Pamplona)



Calle del Carmen, 31

31100 Pamplona (Navarra)

(+34)948223332 (Casa Ibarrola albergue)

(+34)692208463 (Iñaki)

(+34)696075595 (Cesar)





albergue casa ibarrola   Punto de carga de bicicletas electricas  Distance to Santiago : 706 km.



Be your first one in releasing it. House Ibarrola gives him the welcome! House Ibarrola is a lodging for tourists, pilgrims of the way of Santiago, families, weddings, sportsmen and groups in the famous holidays of San Fermin since during these, the lodging is closed to pilgrims.

His environment of spectacular design and his situation they do of House Ibarrola the only and refreshing experience. He is in full way of just Santiago in the entry to Pamplona across Zumalacárregui's portal or portal of France.

It was the ancient one put with mas of 300 years of history that now after a reform returns to recover his former spirit. Situated in the street of Carmen, former rúa of the pilgrims, stands out for his situation in the center of the historical hull of Pamplona.

With capacity for 20 persons an environment of rest is guaranteed for the visitor.

The pilgrim has to cross the Portal of France or of Zumalacárregui (1553) and to promote up to the former City of the Navarrería, for the street of Carmen, before called Rúa of the Pilgrims in the XIVth and XVth century. It is the most ancient portal of the city.

It shows a shield carved with the two-headed eagle and the imperial weapon. The street of CARMEN puts in communication the portal of France with the square of Holy Cecilia. From the reconstruction of the Navarrería in 1324 he was known as San Prudencio's street, in honor of a hermitage that one was finding near the portal. Also he was known up to the 16th century as rúa of the Pilgrims. This street of Carmen, from his blood-relationship with the street Aldapa,There is named from the 16th century street NAVARRERÍA and the heart constitutes of primitively Pamplona.



Litter in common room: 18 € , sheets and breakfast included



We have the ideal housing for you. The do our personalized and only beds do that you feel comfortable and with intimacy since he arranges each of a curtain, pillow and mattress viscolásticos?. He has a cupboard with key inside his cockpit for his personal effects, two plugs to load his mobile, computer, etc .. and his independent light.

Definitively, it is a new experience that you should not overlook.


In addition he has of:


- Wifi free.-2 computers with access to Internet (of payment)

- kitchen, utensils to cook, china, cutlery ...

- refrigerator.

- heating of radiant soil.

- bathroom of disabled persons.

- bathrooms and wide showers and warm water separated by sexes.

- zone of vending (refreshments, snacks, sandwiches, coffees, tes, warm chocolate ...)

- Interior zone to guard bicycles.

- sale of accreditations of the way of santiago.

- excursions and organized activities.

- holding a permit visits.

- rent of towels and sheets.

- low cupboard key for personal effects.

- zone of laundry with washer and tumble dryer (of payment)

- zone of receipt of rucksacks.

- board game of table.

- beds nest with pillow and mattress viscolastics



Is right at the entrance of the old town of Pamplona, munumental area, Cathedral, Town Hall Square, route "encierros" ..

The road runs right through the door just enter through the gates of the wall. No we will strive to look and be in the heart of the city.

Right next to the hostel there is an excellent bike shop where we can make adjustments that we deem necessary for the path that lies ahead at this point and that is a lot.


2 eskua taller de bicicletas


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