63. Albergue Los Blasones (Sarria)



C/ Mayor, 31, 27600 Sarria (Lugo)

600 512 565



qr albergue los blasones  Albergue Charge Point


OPEN from March to October


Hostel for Blasones located at number 31 Calle Mayor de Sarria. It is also known as Casagrande. Call Casa Grande, old tower house, which belonged to the Saavedra Figueroa and his blood mixed with that of the lords of Trebolle, Layosa, Neighborhood, San Clodius and other lineages, known for the conservation of two stones that are emblazoned with while a noble embellishment and a local history page.

It is located just 100 mts. the municipal shelter, located in the historic heart of the town, on the same route of the Camino de Santiago. In addition to the services of Hostel features a garden with outdoor picnic.




Single Bed: Between 5 and 7 according to season





40 beds, kitchen with utensils, heating, two sinks, garden and outdoor picnic areas.

Lounge dining room, laundry room option for 4.

Covered parking for bikes.

Bathrooms for disabled.

And all the services you expect to find in a cozy and highly valued by all bicigrinos pilgrims who have gone through our facilities.



The populous town of Sarria is the 100 km road to Santiago, in this town is the limit for pilgrims who want to do the minimum required to get on the road to Compostela pie.Por that here and begin to see more and Jacobean atmosphere large groups of people doing the road.

Sobro Sarria has many ancient monuments and churches, but everything else will draw attention and what we should be ready to enjoy the great atmosphere is jacobeo that permeates the streets of the old town.


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