17. Albergue El Cantaro (Navarrete)



Calle Herrerías, 16

26370 Navarrete, La Rioja.

941 441 180



Qr Albergue el Cantaro  Punto de carga de bicicletas electricasDistancia hasta Santiago:  599 Km.




The features of this lodge and the potential of the environment in which it is located are ideal for those doing the road bike want to relax away from cities and towns. Its location a few kilometers from Logroño make it ideal for this task and the facilities are adequate for bicigrinos and bicycles.


Shelter: 10 €




Capacity for 16 persons in three bedrooms.

It has 2 double rooms with bathroom and 1 room of twelve beds in bunk beds.

Separate bathrooms and toilets for men and women.

  •      Dining room.
  •      reception
  •      TV in bedrooms and dining room.
  •      Phone.
  •      central heating.
  •      hot water
  •      Luggage and bicycle storage.
  •      Small shop with souvenirs and groceries.



Navarrete is a few kilometers from Logroño and streets can already feel the peace and tranquility of a small town. In a calm and relaxed can stroll through its cobbled streets and admire the old town and peculiar care. People in ancient potters today still has a few shops where you can admire this ancient craft.

Today it retains and regains his old part and shows the layout of a walled city. The cellars built into the hillside, which facilitated the drilling of wells for the production of wine. This provision means that there are many houses blown over arcades that give a distinctive image. Traditional architecture is based on the use of stone masonry very well conjoined with brick, very common material in this village of pottery tradition.

Special mention deserves the parish church, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Inside impressed by the golden altarpiece with its twisted columns, which makes this book one of the best Baroque late seventeenth Rioja. In the sacristy is a triptych with images of the Virgin, St. Peter and St. John. Visiting hours are Monday to Sunday from 09.00 to 13.00 h. and from 16.30 to 18.30 h., closed Sunday afternoon.


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