06. Shelter Villava (Villava - Navarra)



C/ Pedro de Atarrabia, 17-19 trasera

31610 Villaba-Atarrabia

Teléfono: 948 517 731 // 649 71 39 43





Located in a beautiful setting on the banks of the River Ulzama, you can enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of the neighbors and residents of Villava-Atarrabia as well as its cultural events throughout the year.

The hostel is 50 m. Municipal pools Villava-Atarrabia, where you can enjoy the pools both winter and summer, as well as the Spa area for only 3 .
We have a Bar-Restaurant located on the same wall as the hostel, part of the social market and promotes responsible consumption,

The bar also have a terrace that we have made with recycled furniture, which gives our identity to the bar and hostel.

Although our closing time for receipt is at 21:00, we have a system with security code that housed people access



SHELTER : 9 euros.

BREAKFAST: 3 euros.



The Hostel has 54 places of lodging in bunk bed-rooms of various sizes to suit individual needs, family and group. All bright, warm and pleasant with large windows overlooking the river Ultzama and Camino; with high vaulted ceilings that enhance the feeling of space and space for accessibility. Each Alberguista or Pilgrim has its own reading light, plug recharge and individual locker.

A room with 4 berths with own bathroom and shower
A room of 5 berths with own bathroom and shower
A room with 8 berths with shared toilets and showers
2 rooms of 18 berths with shared toilets and showers

We try to adapt to the needs of Hostelling and Pilgrim to make the stay more enjoyable Let us not miss anything!
the bathrooms-

On the ground floor next to the reception, we have 3 Bathrooms, one of them in the cafeteria.
On the 1st floor there are 4 bathrooms and 5 showers (divided for men and women) for large rooms.
The 2 rooms for 4 and 5 people each have their own bathroom
The Multiusos.- Room The Inn has a large, bright room that adapts to different functions and exclusive use by hostellers.
To read, surf the internet, watch TV or chat
For meetings when you come in group or team.
For heating and cooking
Toallas.- linen and beds are dressed with fitted sheet and pillow for those coming with his sack. Also you can rent sheets and towels.
Lavandería.- If you want to wipe your own clothes have enabled one car laundry washer and dryer. You also have the clothesline.
Bicicletas.- Villava-Atarrabia, the land of the Indurain, carries in his DNA to the bike. If you come'll pass your bicycle parking at the door. If you stay with us, we have prepared the space for you to keep your bike clean and can comfortably everything you catch on the Way.



Villava-Atarrabia is surely the people of Iruñerria with more developed personality to "The City". With a privileged environment for the crossing of the 3 Roads at the mouth of the Arga Ultzama, Villava-Atarrabia was preferred resting place for the wealthy people of Pamplona 100 years; and thus witness the main avenue leading into the village with its chalets belle epoque and his special Besta-Jira.

Villava- Atarrabia was meant to live, to rest. And the people are those who interpret it better. The villaveses can go every day to work in Pamplona or industrial belt, but living in their village. Not surprisingly Villava-Atarrabia has developed an important dotacional letter of health, educational, social, cultural and sporting services to reach widely recognized quality life.

The hostel Villava-Atarrabia dotacional part of that letter, and is designed for hostellers and the pilgrim; youth hostel and families; groups and sports teams. For those who devote the day to explore, discover, enjoy Pamplona-Iruña and its region, and the night to rest. In a Hostel in First Class and first class facilities.