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Albergue Albor

Calle Real, 63

36650 Caldas de Reis, España

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About Us

Our hostel is located in the old Villa de Caldas de Reis . It is a small town with a great history. There are references of settlers in this area since the iron age, since it is in a privileged geographical situation that has always been part of the communication routes between the north and south of Galicia. This small village has a small crack that provides us with thermal water with healing properties, and the Romans were aware of this. Given the importance of this fact, added to the exclusive location, they baptized it as "Aquis Celenis", the name from which it derives the current one, and in addition, they gave it the administrative category of "municipium", making it the official stop of the Roman Route XIX. And it is in the 12th century, since Queen Dna. Urraca de Castela owned a defensive tower in the town where they spent long periods, it was renamed Caldas de Rex (currently Caldas de Reis), being a town of realengo and abadengo. Today we still have relics left by our ancestors. Places of special interest and located on the road itself are the Church of Santa María, of Romanesque origin. The source of hot thermal water, as well as the laundry for the clothes that are supplied with that same water (this one a little separated from the road). And the Roman Bridge over the Bermaña river. Other places of interest are the great Botanical Garden and its "Carballeira", declared a picturesque spot and historical garden in 1962, which has more than 100 botanical species from different parts of the world, located in the heart of the town. This gives way to a walk on the edge of the river that takes us to the wonder of nature such as the Segade Waterfalls, where you can enjoy the local flora and fauna, as well as giving you the chance to cool off in its waters on more days. auspicious. The ruins of the first hydroelectric plant in Galicia are located in them, a milestone at the time. And a few meters higher, following the river bed, we find the Roman bridge of A Baxe from the 1st century.


Our facilities are located on the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela, in a house that is more than 150 years old. A building with a peculiar history since it belonged to the great family doctor "Don Pepito Sexto", who was in charge of caring for the majority of the Villa's population in the first half of the 20th century. We are born from the need that exists in hostels to individualize privacy without disregarding the collective concept. It was born as a B&B kapuseru hoteru or pod hostel (Hotel Capsula) without disregarding the charm of local architecture. We believe it is our obligation to offer our clients a space to relax after long hours of walking, inclement weather and battles on the way. For this, we have designed the facilities to provide our guests with the best conditions for their well-being. Our bunk beds are designed with a special height that allows them to sit comfortably in the two spaces that they have, excellent quality mattresses to help with rest. , curtains in each room that contribute to the privacy of the guest, its own light and plug. We also offer other services to improve the comfort of our clients, such as complete individual toilets, shoe dryer, hair dryer, laundry service, laundry area and outdoor tennis court, dining and living area, buffet breakfast service, outdoor area to relax and many other things you will have to discover. We want to differentiate ourselves in all fields and one of the most proud of is our sealing wax seal. Created with our logo, we place our clients on their credentials an original and unique stamp that undoubtedly attracts attention. Blue wax, with the relief painted in gold and a seashell creating the unique and original identification.