52.02 Albergue Alea (Ponferrada)



C/Teleno, 33
TF:660 416 251
TF:987 404 133



Open March to November.



We renovated a house to accommodate the pilgrims, we only have 18 seats arranged in 3 rooms with four bunk beds and a room with 6 bunks.

The hostel is called Alea, has two floors, on the floor there is the laundry area, living room, reception, kitchen with a small front garden and a pleasant rear garden with a fig and well. Upstairs we have four bedrooms with two bathrooms, one for men and one for women.

Hope Amelia and Esperanza.



Hostel: 10 €
Breakfast (3 euros) and communal meals and dinner (8 euros)




Open 13 hours and close doors at 22 am.

Internet, ATMs, pharmacy, doctor's office, grocery store with bakery. Bars and restaurants.




Ponferrada, the capital of El Bierzo is a city full of life that has grown steadily throughout the twentieth century and today, still does.

It is the economic engine and culture from around the Bierzo and the second city of the province, and an excellent place from which to get to know the beautiful Bierzo region.

the historic, small size, we recommend starting at Avenida del Castillo at the height of Temple Square, next to the Castle, as a few steps further you will find the small church of San Andrés del Castillo XVII.Vista century Ponferrada Templar Origin.

If you return to the square and you take the Gil y Carrasco pasareis street before the House of Shields where you installed the Radio Museum. At the end of the road is the tourist office, and from there you just have to climb a few meters to get to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Oak, Renaissance temple which houses the patron saint, the Virgen de la Encina.